Tech security company Cloudflare has announced that it is taking down the Kiwi Farms site due to the “imminent danger” posed by the online harassment campaign and threats emanating from the site. The move comes just days after Cloudflare chief executive Matthew Prince initially backed the company’s decision to protect the site after being linked to a real-life harassment campaign. The site, known as a stalker forum for organizing campaigns against their intended targets, has been linked to at least three suicides. On Saturday, the Prince had reversed course, saying Washington Post: “We think there is imminent danger, and the speed at which law enforcement can respond to those threats is, in our opinion, not fast enough to keep up.” He noted that forum contributors posted people’s home addresses and asked them to be shot. Visitors to the site are now greeted by the message, “Due to the imminent and urgent threat to human life, the content of this site is blocked from being accessible via Cloudflare’s infrastructure.”

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