RENTON, Wash. — Outside expectations for the Seattle Seahawks, including the Las Vegas oddsmakers, going into the 2022 season are lower than ever Russell Wilson is the team’s quarterback.

Pete Carroll says he neither agrees with pessimism nor cares about it.

“I don’t feel that way at all,” Carroll said Monday, a week before Seattle’s opener against the Wilson and Denver Broncos. “I don’t feel any part of that is true other than the fact that that’s what people think. I’m not in that business right now. I’m in the business of helping these guys get ready to play with all the work we do and all the mentalities and cultures and environments we’re in. We’ve averaged 10 wins a year for the last 20’s [dating back to 2001-2009 run at USC]. You think I can think of something different than that? I do not. I see no reason why my expectations should change at all.”

During Carroll and general manager John Schneider’s 12 seasons in Seattle, the Seahawks have won the Super Bowl, appeared in another, made the playoffs nine times, won NFC West five times and have never finished with less than seven wins. Their 119 regular season wins in that span is the sixth most in the NFL.

Much of that success came during Wilson’s 10-year trip with Seattle, which ended in March when he was traded to Denver. With Wilson go and Geno Smith emerged victorious in the quarterback battle with Image Lock, the Seahawks were a popular choice for finishing last in the division. Per bet365, their projected win total of 5.5 is tied for the second lowest in the NFL. It’s two wins lower than any other team in the NFC West.

“I don’t care what people say,” Carroll said. “People have been saying things about the team for years. They don’t know. They’re just guessing at this point, and then we go and prove it and we see where we are… Win the big game in the opener or fighting and not winning the big game in the opener, you have to go back and back again and get back on track whatever.”

Asked a similar question last week about low outside expectations, Schneider offered a reminder of how many players who have emerged as stars on their Super Bowl teams were not well known in the first place. And he described some of their current core parts as being underestimated.

“When I have something in the background and I see people like DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett not mentioned in the Top 100 NFL players, it surprised me,” said Schneider.Jordan Brooks and what he did last year. I was listening to something while I was working and someone was talking about, ‘Oh, they have no defense. They get Jamal Adams and that’s it,’ and I thought, ‘What about Quandre Diggs?’ We have lots of fun things. Al Woods is a great leader.”

Asked if observers were sleeping on the Seahawks, Schneider said: “I just thought we were chasing instead of being chased, which I thought was cool. I thought it was interesting.”

Carroll called this the fastest team he had with the Seahawks. He noted their pace again Monday when asked how he felt about the team.

“We are very hopeful and excited about that and see nothing but good things happening,” he said. “We have to prepare like that and make sure that we’re ready and then perform like that. So I’m really happy with this team. I love the makeup. I like the way they come together from the way back when. I like the leadership. I like the speed. I like the style. us in all aspects and now we have to go out and show it and live up to the expectations. My expectations are very high.”

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