Today, you can touch and hold Pixel Buds Pro to cycle through Active Noise Control (ANC) or use the app. Upcoming changes will make it easier to change ANC with the Pixel Buds app, while Google’s latest headphones are set to get a “Volume balance” feature in a future update.

Currently, the row of buttons for Active Noise Control is found on the Pixel Buds “Sound” page app settings. Some users are now finding that a three-button strip with Noise Cancellation, Off, and Transparency is located directly on the homepage of the Pixel Buds app/”Device details”. It appears just below the “Forget” and “Disconnect” actions.

Additionally, this update brings ANC to the Pixel’s “Sound and vibration” panel which is accessed by opening the system volume slider and tapping the three-dot overflow button at the bottom. The controls appear under “Media volume”.

Both are much better places for the ANC button as needing to enter another menu has been a nuisance since the Pixel Buds Pro launched in July. It’s not widely available yet, but there are few reports today.

Currently vs. new (Through u/npbevo)

It’s not clear how this change was rolled out as there doesn’t seem to be a new update for Pixel Buds App. (The last one was in July.) A Google Play services update may be responsible, but we’re not sure at this point.

Meanwhile, back at launch, Google says Pixel Buds Pro will be updated with Spatial audio head tracking and full 5-band EQ. Both will be in the Sound menu, and join “Volume balance” to

Change the volume balance between the left and right earbuds or switch to mono audio. The settings you select will apply across all of your host devices.

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