High-end NVIDIA RTX 30 GPU hits lowest price ever

Just a few weeks away from the announcement of the new series of RTX 30 cards getting massive discounts.

Retailers have started to clear out the stock of the high-end RTX 30 model, just as NVIDIA announced the successor to the Ampere architecture. The models that a few months ago marked their highest price tag are now getting hundreds of dollars off.

The RTX 3090 series which was first replaced with the Ada GPU, is now at $1129/$959 for the 3090 Ti and 3090 models respectively. The flagship Ti model that debuted in March is likely to hit half price in the coming weeks. While the RTX 3090 struggles to sell at 1000 USD.

On Amazon, one can easily find RTX 3090 for 959 USDwhile the RTX 3090 is already on sale for 1149 USD new egg or $1129 on Amazon. There was an offer for $1099, but this offer is no longer available. We recently reported that the RTX 3090 Ti . card is selling for $1149 USD but only for a short time, but this new price means we have crossed a new psychological barrier.

RTX 3090 Ti for $1099 USD, Source: Newegg

RTX 3090 for $959 USD, Source: Amazon

It should also be noted that Over at Best buy The RTX 3080 Ti is already listed at $739, which is a record low price for this model as well.

RTX 3080 Ti for $739 USD, Source: BestBuy

According to MyDrivers, not all cards accept discounted rates. It appears that the latest changes only affect the flagship RTX 30 series with almost no price adjustments for the other RTX 30/RX6000 models. It’s clear that both NVIDIA and AMD are trying to get rid of their fastest models, first in a line to be replaced in the coming weeks (October/November).

NVIDIA RTX 30 & AMD RX 6000 prices in September, Source: MyDrivers

Source: My Drivers, Best buy, new egg, Amazon (3090), Amazon (3090Ti)

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