question 1: In the previous title, we saw a different-looking Young Xehanort from the one in the Destiny Islands cutscene (seen below). Birth by Sleep)…is there an explanation for that?

Nomura: Dark Road shows the correct model. At the time of production [Birth by Sleep]the appearance of a young man was prepared, but the appearance of a boy was not due to budget constraints in terms of 3D modeling.

Question 2: Will there be further patches for Dark Road after this?

Nomura: Yes. We have identified instances where the wrong background is displayed during combat. Additionally, we’ve also identified where Player cutscenes with Xehanort won’t display as they should during some unique circumstances. I apologize for this bug, and we will release a Version 5.0.1 patch in the future to address it.

Question 3: The reason “Why Xehanort went bald” is…honestly unexpected.

Nomura: Yes, it’s not a very important issue. I just wanted to clarify that he had “shaved” because I noticed that it had been misunderstood as a common theory that he had recently lost his hair. Otherwise, it’s no big deal that the Queen of Hearts doesn’t remember Xehanort. That’s how he is.

question 4: In Dark Road, several Heartless Emblems appeared. But we think they will only appear later in the series.

Nomura: The reason for their appearance in this past world will be explained in Missing-Link.

Question 5: Who is the blue robed figure seen in the epilogue Dark Road?

Nomura: It’s Player. Or, to be more specific, it is the receptacle where the Player’s heart begins its “second life”. Therefore, every time someone disappeared, it didn’t mean they were really missing. Instead, their hearts have been taken by others.

Question 6: What is the Stairway to Heaven in Dark Road and the one in Missing-Link one and the same?

Nomura: Right. The reason why there is this difference in atmosphere is that Scala ad Caelum is positioned as a city in layers, with the new city being built on top of the old.

Question 7: Xehanort’s descent into darkness isn’t completely explained, is it?

Nomura: Maybe there are some missing points, but I’m sure I managed to describe the beginning of his entry into the dark path very well.

Question 8: “Ooh, I really like this classmate/upper classmate! Will he be in future stories?”

Nomura: Unfortunately, while I wish I could have explored their character development further, I couldn’t, or the story would have been very broad. Most of the characters probably won’t appear in future stories, but if the opportunity arises, I’d like to portray them in other forms of media.

Question 9: Can you explain further about the phrase “Fate is so cruel…” by Master Odin?

Nomura: Naturally, Master Odin also has a master to guide him. The master entrusts Odin with a mission, which is actually related to the identity of the blue-robed individual.

Question 10: Xehanort appears with what we assume is his mother. Is that…Skuld?

Nomura: That is not true. However, he was related to the Skuld in some ways. next title, Missing-Linkwill have “bloodline” as one of the main points of the story.

Question 11: Dark Road reveal details about Xehanort’s lineage and bloodline, with some mention of the “First Lord’s Bloodline,” but what about Eraqus? Are the two of them blood related?

Nomura: My apologize. I can’t answer it, because it will be explained in Missing-Link.

Problem 12: Talk about Missing-Linkcan you share more information about it?

Nomura: We are currently in preparation for a closed beta test. Unfortunately, I still can’t give a more precise time of “when” it will happen, but there are plans to change the name Cross United Kingdom Hearts [social media] account to Missing-Link accounts, so I encourage you to follow them.

Problem 13. Lastly, will Xehanort appear in future titles?

Nomura: Just because the “Dark Seekers Saga” is now over, doesn’t mean Xehanort will never appear again in future titles. If there is a chance, then…

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