Jony Ive isn’t a fan of cars using too many touchscreen controls, and says it’s an example of an interface “inappropriately driven by something like multitouch.”

During a panel with former Apple design lead Tim Cook and Laurene Powell Jobs at tonight’s Vox Media Code conference, journalist Kara Swisher asked Ive her opinion on current design trends. I’ve said that there’s “tremendous affordability with multitouch-like interfaces,” but said that they may have gone too far in some places – and it may be time to switch back to more physical controls.

“Potentially the pendulum could swing slightly to have a more tactile and more physically attractive interface and product,” Ive said. Swisher suggested that cars are an example of where multitouch has been overused, and I replied “for example.”

As more and more cars use touchscreens for things like climate or even driving control, there is debate whether removing physical buttons and knobs reduces driver safety. Recently, Swedish publication Our Attachments spark a debate with exam which measures how long it takes people to perform certain tasks such as adjusting a radio or temperature. The publication states that physical buttons outperform touch screens.

Swisher followed up his question by asking Ive how he would design the car. Laughing, she told him, “You know I can’t talk to you about that.”

By Blanca

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