The latest Halo Infinite roadmap is here, and so is the now-familiar cycle of emotions fueled by an update from 343 Industries. It goes something like this: excitement at the new collection of Halo Infinite news, reservations as you begin to parse the news, pleasant reception of some interesting information, worry because some updates are starting to look a little worrying, then disappointment once you realize this is all you get for six month to one year.

Latest Hello Waypoint Update (opens in a new tab) very disappointing in that respect, as we learned that season 3 was pushed from November this year to March 2023 and that 343 Industries is abandoning Halo Infinite’s split-screen collaboration altogether. Naturally, players felt like the goalposts had been moved again – the fact that the couch partnership cancellation was quietly omitted in the 30-minute update video didn’t help either. The most frustrating thing about all of this, however, is that Halo Infinite can be a great game – I just don’t want to wait for all these promised upgrades anymore.

RIP sofa together

Halo Infinite co-op beta campaign

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Halo 5 Guardians is the first Halo game to launch without couch co-op, with 343 remove the partial mode to ensure the game can reach 60fps. But a Halo game without split-screen collaboration is a Halo game in name only, and fans of the franchise have been vocal in their disappointment. Thus, 343 Industries vehemently and declaratively responded to the reaction. Studio founder Bonnie Ross takes to the stage at the 2017 DICE Summit and discuss what the team has learned from the disaster. “This is very painful for the community and for us,” he said. “It erodes trust with the community because community is part of building our world… I would say for any FPS going forward, we will always have split screens.”

I’d say for every FPS going forward, we’ll always have split screens

Bonnie Ross of 343 Industries in 2017

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