As telegramed by September Google Play system updateThe Wear OS Play Store is starting to get a new redesign.

First showcased at Samsung Unpacked events last month with galaxy watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro reveal, this redesign started with the search button now placed on the pill instead of the circle.

“Browse all” with the next three app suggestions with the “See More” button. You get the name, icon and rating of the app. “Recommended for you” and “Now trending” followed by big cards for “Watch face”, “Music streaming”, “Essential watch app”, and “Healthy mind & body.”

The last part is a request to “browse and install apps from your other devices,” i.e. your phone, with the ability to open the Play Store on that device. “Manage apps” and “Settings” complete the page. It’s a shame the former is still buried for the purpose of checking for app updates.

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In contrast, today’s designs are very text heavy and boring. Promoting apps directly in the main feed can encourage people to download more stuff for wearables and further increase developer interest. This is the latest sign that wearable designs have been consolidated to show most of the content in one view rather than having users dive into different menus.

It current report This redesign will go live on version 31.2.10-26 of Google Play for Wear OS. However, the overhaul is rolling out with a server-side update, and it hasn’t shown much for most people at this point.

Meanwhile, Google is also in the process of rolling out:

When a user installs an app on their Wear OS device that requires a companion app, their mobile device installs the companion app automatically.

More about Wear OS:

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