A Destiny 2 Guardian salutes a space pirate ship in Season of Plunder.

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Looting Season a fun but difficult start, and there’s no better example than that Destiny 2heavy grenade launcher. Almost all of them have been temporarily disabled just a day after a new update after an error was discovered that caused them to do more than double their normal crash. The move comes just before the community race for the King’s Fall raid returns on Friday.

Destiny player likes Aztecross and another started noticing errors as soon as Season 18 aired. Grenade launchers buffed in the latest patches, but some did far more damage than the promised 10 percent. Exotic Anarchy’s heavy grenade launcher and a few others actually did 150 percent or more. As a result, some of the weakest legendary weapons in the game suddenly became one of the strongest.

this Aztecross‘ the video breaks it down:

I’ll be honest, I had a lot of fun playing around with my Tarnation with chain reactions during Ketchcrash running for this very reason. The weapon I normally don’t touch suddenly drops the yellow cross in one shot. It feels… good. But that too will never last long. A big damage error will obviously throw a wrench in King’s Autumn Attack the race is scheduled for a Friday, so to prevent that Bungie has instead disabled nearly all of the in-game heavy grenade launchers until the next hotfix.

It’s a pretty drastic measure and while understandable, it’s still a bit of a pain. Usually, a weapon or equipment might be disabled if something doesn’t work as intended. That’s what Bungie did yesterday with the Icefall Mantle Exotic Titan glove. HINew players discovered as soon as Season 18 went live that they could combine it with Titans’ new Arc 3.0 boost dash to start super infinite error. Unsurprisingly, Bungie took it offline. Now, however, it was the entire archetypal weapon that was in time limit. Hhopefully not too much long.

This is far from the only glitch so far this season. There are also a number of issues surrounding the new activity correctly recording progress and dispensing currency. In such cases, Bungie recommends players wait until the timer returns them to orbit before going out and moving. In addition, otherwise you will not get new map fragments if there is no space in your inventory. Instead of going to the postmaster, they would never show up in the first place. I learned that the hard way.

If you want to experience these victories and hardships for yourself, Destiny 2 and all the expansions currently free for next week on PC and console.

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