A group of well-dressed mobsters lined up a file and shot some unsuspecting morons.

So anyway, we started blasting.
Picture: 2K Games

In celebration mafiaOn its 20th anniversary, 2K Games is selling low-priced original open-world games free for a limited time on Steam, from September 1 to September 5.

This news comes after 2K Games announced that new mafia game in progress back in May. While this new game is still in early development, what we do know is that it will be made using the Unreal Engine 5, not the Mafia III engine for the remaster. We also know that its internal codename is Nero and is expected to be a prequel to mafia trilogy.

In contrast to 2K Games’ antics Big Car Theft series, mafia tells a more down-to-earth story focusing on an old school crime family that draws on classics like good friend and godfather. You play as Tommy Angelo, a lowly taxi driver in the 1930s, as he is thrown into the underbelly of Illinois criminals and transformed into one of the most feared mobsters in the Salieri family.

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Although the series received a remastered treatment with new dialogue and cutscenes, tighter combat, and updated visuals with 4K and HDR support are back with Mafia Definitive Editiontaking part in the Mafia’s birthday celebration by downloading the original game does have a big advantage over buying Definitive Edition. Aside from the obvious factor that it’s free, downloading the original game means you can enjoy the copyrighted music of the original game that Definitive Edition lost, like Moanin’ For You by The Mills Brothers. Similar to the recent 2K outing remake with (deep breath) Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Definitive Edition, Mafia Definitive Edition lost some of its tracks ddue to expired license.

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