Perfect Deku has released a lot of footage from his time with the Street Fighter 6 demo which has become publicly available at select events. It’s pretty clear that he’s developed a real interest in playing Jamie, one of the newcomers that was revealed for Street Fighter 6.

Needless to say, FlawlessDeku’s time investment seemed to pay off in a big way as he dominated the competition. In his latest video, FlawlessDeku is able to perform a combo that removes around 60% of Ryu’s health bar.

The scariest part of this sequence is how FlawlessDeku initiates a combo with the transition from Jamie’s special “Rekka” to level 3. Of course, it’s very important to understand that super level 1 and level 2 cannot be canceled from special moves in this game (unless the meter is spent for the Overdrive special variant).

From here, FlawlessDeku can actually continue the combo after landing a level 3 Jamie. Even though Ryu has more than half his HP left before being hit, the damage done after level 3 is enough to complete the round.

The 60% damage combo occurs at the end of the video. Before that, there were actually a lot of footage of the match that brought FlawlessDeku with Ryu’s players.

See them all below:

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