MIAMI GARDENS, Fla.—The Eagles arrived here with a fairly complete team. And they will have to test themselves against a group of Dolphins who, one forgets, have won 19-14 over the last two years, only missing the playoffs after both seasons. Here’s more about what we saw from Philly…

1. Jalen Hurts is getting better in areas that are difficult to improve—his presence in the pocket, his ability to throw with anticipation, and his accuracy, all much better—which is a tribute to the work he’s done. And clearly, that ethic has penetrated into his leadership. I don’t know if Hurts will be the Eagles quarterback in, say, 2025. But I think there’s a better chance than last year, for sure, and it’s going to help that for the first time since high school Hurts has had the same coordinator for two years in a row. come along.

By Blanca

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