A collector based in France has listed almost every console that has been produced in the last 50 years on eBay for a total of 984,000 euros (about $978.875).

Register, uploaded to French eBaystates that the collector is selling more than 2,200 consoles “from the first to the last” along with various video games, statues, and video game collections.

“All these consoles come with PVL, signs, statues, terminals, accessories [and] several hundred games for all consoles combined,” the list says.

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The collector who goes by the user name Kaori30 explains that their collection went through some ups and downs when they started collecting in the early 90s and sold the entire collection in 2000. Kaori30 then continued to collect consoles until it stopped in 2011 due to “lack of time” and difficulty finding items. rare.

Several consoles were sold at auction in Paris during 2015 and 2016.

While visiting Tokyo in 2018, collectors “fallen back into the trap” and bought back almost every console they had sold before.

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The collector added that the goal is to bring together “all models, all colors, versions, commercial limited editions, ordered limited editions, editions that can only be won in contest form, advertiser, package, bundle [and] European/Japan/US Edition.”

Kaori30 estimates that between 200 and 300 consoles are nowhere to be found and suggests that the collection could be sold to a museum.

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Featured Image via Kaori30

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