Tim Prepare Dinner Would Somewhat Promote You to An iPhone than Adding RCS to iMessage

Tim Prepare Dinner Would Somewhat Promote You to An iPhone than Adding RCS to iMessage

Apple CEO Tim Cook rejected the idea of ​​adopting RCS messaging to end the green bubble surrounding messages when an iPhone user texts someone on an Android device.

“I don’t hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy into it at this point,” Cook said when asked how Apple co-founder Steve Jobs felt about using the RCS standard in iMessage during Vox Media’s Code 2022 event on Wednesday. Night. Instead, Cook said, “I want to turn you into an iPhone.”

But the person who asked the question, LiQuan Hunt of Vox Media, came back with a legitimate complaint, saying that his mother couldn’t see the video she sent him. It all boils down to a lack of interoperability between iMessage and RCS, both messaging systems that can allow for higher-quality images and videos — if they work together.

If you’re trying to send a video from Android to iOS (or vice versa) using a plain text messaging app, you know your video is blurry on the other end. Cook’s suggestions for fixing this annoying problem? “Buy your mother an iPhone.”

While it may seem silly, the color of the bubbles in iMessage that distinguishes Android users (green) from fellow iPhone users (blue) has been a matter of debate. Google’s campaign to publicly humiliate Apple for adopting the standard did not affect Cook, who publicly focuses on the opinions of people who own iPhones.

Of course, there are other reasons to avoid adding RCS. Email dug up in Epic trial pointed out Apple’s senior vice president for software engineering Craig Federighi said, “iMessage on Android will only serve to remove [an] barriers for iPhone families to give Android phones to their children.”

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