Starling Marte Recognized With Non-Displaced Finger Fracture

Meet outsiders Starling Marte has been diagnosed with a partial non-displaced fracture of the middle finger on his right hand, the team told reporters (including Steve Gelbs of SNY). The club are currently taking him on a day-to-day basis, although it remains to be seen if he will eventually need a task on the injury list.

Marte was injured last night when he was hit in the hand by a 96 MPH fastball from Pittsburgh. Mitch Keller. He was out of the game a few innings later, and he was out of today’s game. The Mets haven’t given a timeline for when they expect Marte to be ready for game action, though it seems encouraging they don’t immediately put him on the injury list. The expansion of the active roster in September from 26 to 28 gives the Mets a bit more leeway to give Marte a few days, especially with tomorrow’s day off to reassess his condition.

Signing a four-year, $78 million contract over the winter, Marte had his first All-Star season at Queens. He hit .292/.347/.468 through 505 trips to the plate, the equivalent of the best offensive season of his career. The star outfielder has connected on 16 homers, 24 doubles and five triples. He hit 18 stolen bases (albeit with nine steals caught) and served as a major right winger and #2 hitter.

Mets changed to Tyler Naquin on right field today, and he would probably take up most of the playing time if Marte was forced off. Naquin who hits with the left hand can divide the time with the right There is a reputation in the opposite corner Mark Canhawith Brandon Nimmo proceed to the man center field.

New York has been hit by several important injury situations in recent days. They put Max Scherzer in 15 day injury list with side fatigue this morning. At 87-51, the Mets are key to making the playoffs, but they are in a tight NL East battle with the reigning World Series champions. New York took a half-game lead at the Braves in the race for the division title and was accompanied by a first-round bye.

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