These Habits Are Cute On Courting However Annoying In Relationships, In accordance To Lifehacker Readers

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Last week I asked you to share the last time your rose-colored glasses lost their reddish tint. Because when the early stages of dating turn into the harsh reality of a serious relationship, certain behaviors go from endearing to downright annoying. Examples of harmless ones include continuous humming, clinical-grade snoring, or always sneezing a million times in a row. Serious offenses include things like a person who can never stop making jokes, even in serious situations.

This is what Lifehacker readers report as the top oddity that you might find funny when you first fall in love, but slowly turns into a source of tension in a long-term relationship.

“Teasing” is not always flirting

Many people hide passive aggression through “jokes”. Reader bass beast explains: “At first it seemed like a playful, playful flirt. But after a while, you start to doubt his motivations, and that hurts. Signed, someone who is happily married to this person but needs a lot of important conversations first.” Speaking as someone who makes a lot of flat, potentially hurtful jokes, it’s important to make it clear that you’re not trying to hurt anyone.

Other commentators ThundercatsRidesMore shared a similar experience, but with a different ending: “I was never really sure when he was joking or not, and it was so exhausting. When I think he’s serious about something, and instead he’s pulling my leg, it feels like he’s doing it to throw me off balance. I didn’t like where the dynamic was going, so after a few conversations where he refused to get this, I cut him off. “Doesn’t have to be complete”ignore“Being a deal breaker. Sometimes your sense of humor just doesn’t match, and there’s no point in staying with someone who’s always making you the butt of jokes.

When “fun” turns into “reckless”

When you first start dating someone new, it can be thrilling. Maybe they push you out of under your shell, or they provide an escape from real life by always being “the fun one.” However, what starts as fun can turn into trouble. Mask shared that “an old girlfriend from college I met at a party at first seemed free and awesome and wild and a lot of fun! Later, alcohol and marijuana addiction turned out to be a bit of a problem…” As attractive as this kind of person is at first, it’s not always sustainable or healthy in a real relationship.

Being too laidback

One reader commented that “in the beginning it can be pretty convenient being able to set the schedule yourself and choose where you want to go and what you want to do but after you’re together a while, it becomes very frustrating when they just won’t decide.” A happy-go-lucky disposition is attractive when you first start going on a lot of dates with another person. As you and another person need to actually make decisions together, it becomes obvious when someone is more “chill” than they are “helpful.”

If something is bugging you, talk about it

Getting irritated with your partner is perfectly normal from time to time. However, many readers answered the question “What did you find cute when dating but irritating in a relationship?” with blunt answers like “my wife.” (Cue Borat impression.) If you find yourself constantly annoyed with your significant other and every little thing they do, you might need to zoom out and figure out what’s actually bothering you.

Luckily, the responses highlighted above are highly solvable behaviors. Reflect on the annoying things that you can catch yourself doing now, or at least you can have a productive conversation about with your partner before it’s too late.

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