Furkan Korkmaz allegedly attacked by Georgian gamers after EuroBasket match

A brouhaha during the 2022 EuroBasket match between Turkey and Georgia allegedly turned violent off the pitch in an incident involving 76ers forward Furkan Korkmaz.

Korkmaz, 25, was allegedly assaulted by members of the Georgian basketball team while walking into the locker room after being sent off from a match on Sunday, according to a statement issued by Turkish federation vice president Omer Onan. He claimed Korkmaz was attacked by Georgian players who were not on the active roster other than Duda Sanadze, who was also ejected during a field fight in the fourth quarter, and police. Onan also threatened that his team would boycott the remainder of the tournament if the situation was not handled in his favor.

“There shouldn’t be an attack on a player coming into the dressing room,” Oman said. per Eurohoops.net “At the end of the game, 30 policemen each pushed us into a fight. We had a fight with the official Georgian police. I called FIBA ​​and I have also notified FIBA ​​officials.

“Let no one deceive themselves or think that we are stupid. They’ll bring us all the camera footage of that corridor minute by minute with nothing missing. If the camera didn’t come to us, we would have left this tournament.”

The incident started with Korkmaz getting into it with Sandze after committing a serious offence. The two furiously banged their heads before being separated by officers and immediately ejected. Turkey coach Ergin Ataman was also left out of the match.

Korkmaz said in a statement per Basketnews.com that on their way back to the locker room with the team coach, they saw three Georgia players along with two members of security running towards them when a fight broke out.

“We started throwing punches at each other. That’s basically what happened,” Korkmaz said. “It was like a street fight. No talk or conversation. People just came up to us and tried to attack us. Of course, we reacted and tried to defend ourselves.”

The referee protects Turkey’s Furkan Korkmaz from other players during the 2022 FIBA ​​EuroBasket.
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Furkan Kormaz
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After the contest, assistant coach Hakan Demir also discussed the incident near the dressing room, saying a “huge scandal” occurred off the pitch. His team has two scheduled games remaining in Georgia.

“We came here to play basketball, not boxing,” Demir said. Therefore, we are deeply troubled by the security flaws currently being experienced. We will also follow up on this matter.”

What made the situation even more bizarre was that the game itself had an official protest from Turkey. He claimed 22 seconds running from time while Korkmaz and Sandze overcame it and Georgia’s Sandro Mamukelashvili, playing college ball at Seton Hall, ended up scoring with two seconds remaining to force extra time. Georgia needed a second overtime to finally win 88-83. Turkey’s protest was dismissed by FIBA.

Korkmaz was the first-round pick of the 76ers in 2016 and averaged 7.6 points and 2.6 rebounds for them last season.

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