Feist withdraws from Arcade Hearth tour, citing allegations in opposition to vocalist Win Butler

Indie rock singer Feist said Thursday he will no longer be touring with Arcade Fire after the band’s vocalist Win Butler was accused of sexual misconduct.

The artist whose full name is Leslie Feist is stepping down from the “We” tour two days after it started in Ireland, he explained in a letter to fans.

waiter, 42, have denied a Pitchfork report published last week in which three women accused him of inappropriate sexual interactions and another accused him of sexual assault.

“I can’t go on,” Feist, 46, wrote of his “very difficult” choice in a lengthy letter posted on Twitter explaining his thought process.

Win Butlers.
Three women accused the lead singer of sexual harassment.
Getty Images for Coachella

“To remain on tour would symbolize me defending or ignoring the harm caused by Win Butler and leaving would imply I am the judge and jury,” he wrote.

“I’m never here to defend or with Arcade Fire – I’m here to stand on my own two feet on stage.”

The “The Bad In Each Other” artist says his songs finally made up his mind for him after he played them for the first two dates of the tour.

“Hearing them through this lens is incompatible with what I’ve been working on clarifying myself throughout my career,” he wrote.

Arcade fire.
Arcade Fire performed in Dublin on 30 August 2022 while vocalist Win Butler faced the charges.
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“I always write songs to mention my own subtle difficulties, aspire to my best self and claim responsibility when I need to. And I admit responsibility now and go home.”

Feist is scheduled to open for its Canadian counterparts during the European tour round. No substitute was named. Beck is set to take on supporting acting duties when the tour reaches the states late next month.

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