Xbox Sport Go Mates and Household Plans Confirmed, Preliminary Pricing Particulars Revealed

Microsoft has finally revealed its long-rumored Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Plan, just days after a logo leak about confirming the new subscription tier. Xbox announced that the new plan, which will allow subscribers to share with up to four friends or other family members, is being tested in Ireland and Colombia, where it costs €21.99 per month and 49,900 COP, respectively.

Friends & Family Plan members will get all the usual benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes cloud streaming and a selection of rotating games. While pricing details haven’t been revealed in the US, it costs about $10 more than the current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, which currently costs $14.99. The plan will allow users to share fees among multiple people, making it a boon for students who have just returned to the dorms.

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In addition to the initial price details, Xbox also released FAQ details how the service works and how it works in different regions. It also confirms that users can only be members of one group at a time, and that group members can only join a group up to two times per year.

Customers who change their current plan will have the remaining time converted according to the following formula.

  • 30 days Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is 18 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
  • 30 days Xbox Game Pass (Console) is 12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
  • 30 days PC Game Pass is 12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
  • 30 days Xbox Live Gold is 12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
  • 30 days of EA Play is 6 days of Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family

Friends & Family plans are not yet available in the US, UK or Europe, but will be announced in those regions soon. While you’re waiting, check out our latest episode of the Unlocked Podcast, where we talked about whether the new Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Plan could be a big upgrade to the service. You can also find our list of the best games on Xbox Game Pass here.

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