What’s the Uncooked Meat Eating regimen and Why Are Males Obsessed With It?

Welcome to You are what you eat… or are you?a mini-series about how we project our identity through food.

One of the most popular memes on the r/RawMeat subreddit depicts Jesus smoking a freshly lit cigarette anxiously. “God watched us burn meat after making it the perfect fuel for humans,” the caption reads. Are ovens haram? That is the basic principle of this community. The modern diet has been undermined by the cabal of global industrialists—Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big…Beyond Burger?—and the only way to live in harmony with nature, as God intended, is to eat a plate of raw, uncooked meat. beef.

The residents of r/RawMeat seem to tend to be both young and male, and their forums stretch out like pamphlets for an in-depth new epicurean crusade. One post showing slimy chopped liver dinner; others mockingly refer to those who prepare their food as “food burner.” Men have gone through various questionable nutrition moves and countless fitness motives to crack the code for peak performance. But after the dust settled, and the whey protein drums had been dumped, these guys decided that the truth was wriggling right in front of them all the time.

“I wouldn’t call myself a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe any of them,” says Alex, a 19-year-old from Sweden who is a frequent poster on r/RawMeat and hid his last name for “security purposes.” Alex switched to a raw diet last year. then. “Just think about it: If everyone is healthy and fit, why do we need hospitals? Medicines? Health care?”

It’s hard to know how big the raw meat community is. I’m definitely not the only one who slurped on the awful cube horse sashimi during my trip to Japan. (Grass and game. Not bad, to be honest.) And beef tartare can be found in this country’s millennial-loved French bistro. But the boys from the subreddit are far more fanatical about their loyalty to diet than us regular participants. R/RawMeat has around 1,600 subscribers, and new posts go up every few days. Most of them repeat the dogma that raw food is better for our bodies and brains; that the unstained blood of animals makes us strong, manly, and free from disease; and mainstream dietary philosophies, in favor of basic food hygiene, are completely misguided. One has to open their third eye to enjoy the raw meat lifestyle. After that, who knows what you might see.

“I suffer from quite severe anxiety and depression. Every time I eat a lot of raw food in my diet, it reduces. I get more satisfaction with my life and focus,” Alex added. (It should be noted here that no formal nutrition studies or professional dietary advice have revealed or advocated a link between eating more raw meat and feeling smarter, stronger, happier, or healthier.)

Immerse yourself in the community, and you’ll witness all sorts of eccentric epicurean choices. Mostly we talk about beef; Raw poultry or pork are not so popular. Sometimes adherents favor something relatively conservative—like, say, raw skirt steak—while at other times, cutting dinner time is much more esoteric. Fully unvaccinated beeffor example.

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