Mark Wahlberg surprises Toronto gymnasium members by attending a health class

Actor, producer, business mogul and early 1990s rap sensation Mark Wahlberg is back in Ontario this week, presumably to promote his new Netflix film. my time with Kevin Hart — and a friend got to do what a friend should do to stay in shape while on the road.

How lucky for the members F45 Pelatihan training in Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood, who suddenly found themselves working out with Marky Mark on Tuesday morning.

Gym goers were no doubt surprised and delighted when the Hollywood man showed up to join them for a pre-sunrise training session on August 30 – though they were probably expecting a visit to come.

Wahlberg is a major investor in the F45 fitness chain, which now has more than 1,750 studios in nearly 50 countries worldwide and specializes in HIIT-based circuit training.

Not only the actors show F45 at Collingwood early this month while visiting his rich friends in Muskoka, Yorkville’s F45 recently posted a clip of an interview to Instagram in which Wahlberg specifically shouts out the Yorkville location.

“Okay, we’re here in Yorkville in Toronto,” Wahlberg said in a clip posted to his own Instagram profile on Tuesday.

Speaking in his distinctive Bostonian accent to a young man in front of the camera who had just finished his first F45 practice, Mark told the boy he “killed him” and then monologued to the camera that “We are in the F45 every day, team training, life changing. Now we’re in Yorkville, Canada, next stop: Coming soon.”

Anyone who missed the gym on Tuesday morning will surely regret it now after seeing how close and personal Wahlberg is to the members, coaches and trainers of F45.

F45 trainer John Ledbrook posted a series of Instagram stories from the workout, some of which featured Wahlberg raving about the Yorkville gym.

“Probably the best studio I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been there many times,” he said. “Wow, I think they made a special workout just to beat me today. Take your ass to Yorkville.”

Just to really get the message across that the F45 is getting results, Wahlberg post a mirror selfie from his hotel room this morning, marking the F45 Training and nutritional brand he might as well own.

“What an unreal time to work out with the one and only @markwahlberg!” wrote F45 Yorkville on Instagram while sharing a photo from big group workoutinspired jealousy among Torontonian fans who would give anything to be part of a funky group with Marky Mark on Tuesday mornings.

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