Harry E. Wait, Wisconsin Man Who Boasted Election Fraud, Charged With Election Fraud

A Wisconsin man who publicly bragged about ordering absent ballots from a local mayor and a state assembly leader has been charged with two crimes and two misdemeanors, authorities said. Harry E. Wait, 68, has been charged with two counts of election fraud and two counts of unauthorized use of personally identifiable information, the Wisconsin Department of Justice said Thursday. Wait allegedly asked for the ballots of two people without their consent while running a booth at the Racine County Fair last month. “The complaint states that, in several online videos and other correspondence, Mr Wait admitted to soliciting ballots using another person’s personally identifiable information,” the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office said. While the two individuals were not identified in the complaint, Wait said: in an interview with WISN-TV three days after the felony charge that he had ordered ballots on behalf of Mayor Racine Cory Mason and Wisconsin State Representative Robin Vos, chair of the state assembly. On Facebook, Wait allegedly wrote a post saying he did so to expose “significant vulnerabilities” in the state’s electoral system. “I am ready to be charged with exposing this voting vulnerability,” Wait wrote allegedly.

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