Girl caught the wrong way up on train machine calls 911 for assist: ‘So embarrassing’

He was stuck between a shelf and a hard place.

Footage captures the “embarrassing” moment of an Ohio gym bunny trapped upside down in gym equipment and having to be released by police. Footage of his current fitness flop offers millions of views on TikTok.

“This is so embarrassing,” Christine Faulds alerted the dispatcher after calling 911 in the clip depicting the strange accident, which happened at 3am while working out at the 24-hour Powerhouse Gym in Berea. He reportedly filmed himself using an inversion table, a medieval-looking device that supposedly relieves people’s back pain by inverting it.

Little did the influencer know that his world would soon be turned upside down too.

In accident videoshe said she had set her phone “to record a video of me on the inversion table and just say how much I love it for my lower back, especially when I go to the gym at 3am and my back is really stiff and won’t wake up.”

However, his practice went south after he was stuck hanging upside down on the device. It ended up becoming a viral video in the making.

“Then it just captures everything and keeps recording,” he says of his ready-to-go phone.

In one embarrassing clip, Faulds can be seen flailing helplessly after realizing he’s trapped. At one point, the gym shark even tried to walk up to the leg clamp and undo it Houdini-style, but to no avail.

Faulds’ predicament was terrible because there were only a few other people in the gym during the evening hours and they were in another room, playing music. Staff were also absent because users scanned keycards to log in at the time, the reverse influencer explained.

Christine Faulds tries to find a way out of her gym jam.
Christine Faulds tries to find a way to get out of her sports jam.
TikTok / cfaulds20

Fortunately, the threatened Ohioan was able to use his smartwatch to call 911, as seen in this cute swap clip.

“There’s only one person in the gym and I’m stuck in it, you know it’s a backboard,” Faulds said as he dangled at his feet. “I was stuck in this reverse, like, back decompression.

“I thought the problem was going too far and I was just stuck upside down and couldn’t get myself right,” he continued to the dispatcher. “I tried to get my friend’s attention but he was in another room picking up. Sorry, I’m just stuck. ”

“When you have to call 9-1-1 because you’re stuck on an inversion thing at 3am at the gym,” Faulds wrote in the caption to one of the viral TikTok videos.
TikTok / cfaulds20

Shortly after, the police arrived on the scene and released him from the spinal decompression prison, as shown in the fourth clip with 7.2 million views. In total, Faulds was stuck upside down for 12 minutes.

While the sports fan was unharmed during the ordeal, he said he doesn’t “know if I’ll ever go to that table again, to be honest.”

He also said he’ll be avoiding TikTok for a few days because the experience was “so awesome and I just needed a mental break.”

Needless to say, TikTok is hysterical over Faulds plight, with one witty caption: “When Apple Watch saved the day lol girls I was so sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing!”

“Just a shame if you have to make that call more than once,” mused another, while one onlooker added, “You know [the police] talking about you in the car.”

A TikTok commentator suggested that the Apple Watch use the story in their ad.

The police finally arrived and fixed the poor girl.
The police finally arrived and fixed the poor girl.
TikTok / cfaulds20

In retrospect, Faulds says he’s learned to see the funny side of situations.

“People say, ‘Why did you post that? It’s a shame,’ but I was like, sometimes you have to laugh at yourself and move on.” embarrassed fit-fluencer told

While it’s certainly a funny situation, being stuck upside down isn’t as funny as it sounds.

“It is possible to die from hanging upside down for too long,” according to Healthline. “This is rare, but blood can collect in the head, which can be very harmful to the body.”

In the same embarrassing incident two years ago, a British teenager had to be rescued by firefighters after stuck in a child’s swing for 90 minutes while recording a TikTok clip.

The respondents reportedly extracted it using a cleaning detergent as a lubricant.

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