Dr. Oz Calls for Fetterman Hearth ‘Convicted Assassin’ Granted Clemency

Pennsylvania Republican Senate Candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz’s fight campaign increase his attack on John Fetterman’s opponent’s notes on crime on Thursday, call the Democrats to “fire” “the convicted killer he employed in his campaign.” However, the two men they appointed, their life sentences for second degree murder were commuted last year after advocacy decade on the belief that they arewrongly punished” and “plain.” Last year, after Dennis and Lee Horton’s sentences were commuted, Fetterman called supporting their clemency the “highest honour” while saying “good people don’t die in prison for a crime they didn’t commit.” Prior to their release, the Horton family case become a famous cause for supporters of criminal justice reform, especially since Pennsylvania provides an automatic life sentence for second-degree murder. Oz and his campaign are not alone in targeting Horton politically—the Republican National Senate committee hit Fetterman for “being soft on crime” while demanding he fire two campaign staff. (On the other hand, before push Oz demands that the Hortons be banned from Fetterman’s campaign, senior communications adviser Rachel Tripp said “conservatives need to be involved in criminal justice reform” to fight “systemic inequality.”) Pittsburgh Post-Gazetteeditorial board, meanwhile, recently tapped Ozo for “distorting Fetterman’s record” of crime and turning to “selling fear.”

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