Dev Screams On Steam About Keffals, Transphobia For Some Motive

A group of pixelated gladiators stand together in an arena.

Screenshot: Dolphin Barn Incorporated / Steam

Dominoa small indie game on Steam about managing gladiators recently started trending online, but not because it’s a really good game or just got a cool update or anything like that. No, instead, the developer behind the game has included a wild and annoying rant about trans political commentators and streamers. Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti in sticky notes for DominoRecent Updates. And oddly enough, this isn’t the first time this developer has put a weird and horrifying political rant into sticky notes for Domino.

To recap: On August 5th, Sorrenti was the target of a punching attack that led to the London, Ontario police mistakenly arresting him, and repeatedly using his dead name while pointing a rifle at his face. After describing the attack in a YouTube video a few days later, Sorrenti and his fiancé moved to a hotel that was deemed safe. But members of the transphobic hate speech forum Kiwi Farms have keep stalking and harassing Sorrenti when he fought back and tried to force the hosting server and security company Cloudflare to stop supporting malicious sites and their users.

Pressure to stop forum continues as of this writing, with Cloudflare recently stating that they have no plans to take down KiwiFarms, with the company CEO stating at August 31 blog that “Just as phone companies don’t hang up if you say bad, racist, bigoted things, we have concluded in consultation with politicians, policymakers and experts that shutting down security services because we think what you publish is despicable. wrong policy.”

For some reason, the developer behind the unrelated Steam game Domino decided to share their bad thoughts and opinions about Sorrenti, trans people and more in a completely unrelated video game. In sticky notes for August 31 update for the game, the developer included a rant and barely cohesive claim that the name of the game is being changed and refers to the old name as its deadname over and over. We show it here less because it deserves any attention at all, and more because it makes no sense that such a thing could be uploaded to an official and professional storefront.

Here’s the full rant as shared on Dominoa patch for its 1.3.25 update, but keep in mind that the text below includes some nasty anti-tran gibberish:

dead name: domain. Please don’t mention that again. We’re just mentioning it here to say: don’t mention it again. It is completely normal to change the gender of a video game and IS NOT CONFUSED TO ANYONE. Please don’t be a fanatic. If you’re confused, please stop being confused and remember that DOMINA didn’t exist and never was, but DOMINUS does exist, and always has, you just didn’t know you were playing a man, dressed like a woman, but now that we’ve revealed it to you , you have NO RIGHT to feel cheated, just like poor drunken men who have sexual relations with transvestites like Keffals, without revealing that they are a man, have no right to feel wronged and you’re a fanatic to be confused or even mention things like it happens, let alone have an opinion about it.

This alone is bad, but what’s wild here is that this isn’t the first or even the second time that this developer has used Steam patch notes to share out-of-control rants about various political topics.

Earlier this yeardeveloper angry at people wearing masks to avoid covid-19, wrote in previous update sticky notes that people who wear masks won’t get boyfriends and that women prefer men who are confident. The developer also asks what people wearing masks are “afraid of” and ends by suggesting that they are actually afraid of “making love”. Prior to this, the developer also complained in a sticky note for Domino those people watching too much porn.

It’s weird that after all these examples of developers using sticky notes for disgusting and weird rants that Valve seems to be doing… not at all, at least in public. In a way, it makes sense, since the company has historically avoided having to do absolutely anything when it comes to running the wildly popular Steam PC gaming service. Most of the features built into the service are run and maintained by the community, with Valve mostly taking a hands-on approach.

Domina – Trailer Release

But this seems like a clear example of someone abusing Steam sticky notes to harass and attack other people by name and seems like something Valve might want to stop. But Valve did it recently bans developer Dolphin Barn Incorporated from its own Steam forum following abusive and toxic posts. (This of course causes other harsh words use Domino steam page.)

my box had contacted Valve about the rant but had not heard from the company prior to publication. When contacted about the rant and asked why they decided to use their game’s sticky notes on Steam to comment on Keffals, the developer instead complained about Twitter suspending their account and continuing to attack Sorrenti.

“I lost my verified Twitter account which I used my real name for,” explains the dev, “While ‘Keffals’ is now verified, using a fake name, temporarily ‘hiding’ after pretending to cry [sic] on national TV and admit that they have sexual relations with men, without telling them that they too were born male.”

As for Sorrenti, he seemed to be mostly confused and tired of sticky notes. Earlier today, he shared it on Twitter and asked developers to keep it away from its “midlife crisis”.

“Can I go one day without the weirdest freaks on the internet projecting their insecurities on me?” asked Sorrenti on Twitter in a follow-up tweet. “Bro, I’m just shaking here.”

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