Delta, United picket pilot on the airport earlier than Labor Day weekend

pilot are on guard at more than a dozen airports across the country Thursday ahead of the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

Why it’s important: Pilot calls for better working conditions and benefits in midsummer “revenge journey“which has left airlines scrambling for canceldelay and rebook flights.

Details: Off-duty pilots held an “information” picket event Thursday at the national airport before the holiday weekend, according to Airline Pilots Association.

  • This picket happened in airport in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, DC
  • Pilots from Delta, Endeavor, JetBlue, Sun Country, Spirit and United airlines participated, ALPA said. It was not clear whether pilots from other airlines joined the pickets.
  • ALPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Axios.

What they say: “When ALPA pilots stand shoulder to shoulder to support a common cause, people are paying attention — our airline is paying attention,” ALPA said in a release.

  • “That’s why on September 1st, we asked all ALPA pilots to join us in the ALPA information picket to show the public, our parliamentarians and our airlines that all airline pilots stand together to support the cause of the profession worldwide improvement of working conditions. and allowances.”

Important to note: These pickets should not delay the itinerary because the pilot will be out of work, per NBC News.

Flashback: More than 1,200 Delta pilots and staff held demonstrations in June calling for higher pay, benefits and work-life balance. NPR report.

Big Image: Pilots have expressed concern about their current compensation and schedule. They have also faced burnout in recent months due to the ongoing shortage of pilots, Michael Mooney wrote from Axios.

  • New ABCs reports the US will lose about half of its pilots to retirement in the next 15 years.

Underline: “We want to make sure that we are recognized and recognized,” said Captain Javier Ramos, one of the pilots protesting in Orlando. Click Orlando. “Our message is clear: Consider us as we all negotiate our next collective bargaining agreement.”

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