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— Just four days into the new school year, before the morning bell even rang, a student was killed and two others, including a teacher, injured in an attack on a North Carolina high school.

A student sourcing officer responds to reports of a fight between students around 7 a.m. at Northside High School in Jacksonville, NC. A fight, possibly gang-related, leads to a stabbing that leaves one student dead, hundreds of students and parents shaken – and now another student is behind bars.

Officers responded in less than 30 seconds and managed to apprehend the attacker, who was also identified as a 16-year-old student.

Despite medical treatment at the scene, one student died, and a minor and a teacher were injured. Two victims of the incident are being treated at the Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune.

Melissa Brison, mother of three students at the school, said her children were outside when the fighting broke out but were escorted to the cafeteria to await the next lockdown.

He wonders why the school doesn’t have metal detectors.

“Everyone is looking for a gun. Nobody is paying attention to 100 other ways to injure someone,” Brison said.

Schools are closed until 8:45 a.m., when schools begin to send students home. A district spokesman said investigators kept some students at the school longer to ensure witnesses were available.

Northside Middle School, Jacksonville, NC

Athletic events for the next two days were cancelled, and students will be studying virtual on Friday. Students will return to the classroom Tuesday after the holiday weekend.

“Those kids are going to be really stressed out,” Brison said. “Someone they know won’t be there Monday or Tuesday.”

After the incident, several grieving parents and students shared their respects. Maria Ortega and her son leave a wreath on the Northside High School sign.

“I want to pay respects to a disciple of the little king who got his wings, will not be with us anymore,” said Oretga tearfully. His son is a senior at school – one of hundreds who are lucky to be home safely tonight.

Even though his son survived, Oreta burst into tears saying “Someone’s baby boy is not coming home.”

Even though the suspect is under the age of 18, he can be tried as an adult.

“If this is a violent crime, by North Carolina state law, it will be transferred to a high court for trial as an adult,” said District Attorney Ernie Lee.

He will have an answer right away if the student will be charged.

“Even though my kids are safe,” Brison said, “I probably know who’s involved.

“It’s not really about me,” he said. “Someone’s son is not coming home.”


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