eBay Collectors Search 1 Million Over 50 Years of Recreation Consoles

The huge collection shows countless video game consoles.

Picture: Kaori30 / Kotaku

While many collectors can claim to own it rare video games and memorabilia, few, if any, have actually owned the majority of every console variation produced in the last 50 years. But that’s what a French-based collector just auctioned off, some 2,400 different consoles—from standard editions to special editions to variations that have never been officially sold—with an asking price of €984,000.00, or about a million US dollars. . .

Listed on eBay France and discovered by Consolevariations.com, Kaori30 sale for video game fans includes some 2,400 consoles, “from the first to the last”, a number of games for those consoles, and a collection of cute figurines and other video game collectibles. While the current “Buy Now” price tag of nearly one million Euros may be way beyond your budget (not to mention how much storage space you’ll need), the pictures and videos of the Kaori30 collection are more than worth a look. Check out their Sega collection, for example


my box has contacted Kaori30.

Google translations of eBay listings reveal that Kaori30 started collecting in the early 90s, before collecting might have been considered a thing. The road to today’s mega collections is not without back and forth, as they sold their entire 90s collection at the turn of the century.

Although they continued to collect during the ’00s, it ended in 2011 when they stopped due to “lack of time” and difficulty in finding rare items. But the story doesn’t end there.

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In 2018, they “fell back into the trap” of collecting after visiting Tokyo, where they acquired almost everything they sold off previously. That twist is what leads them to this gargantuan collection of a majority of consoles ever made all in one place. And it is a sight to behold. As they say on their eBay auction, they do not believe it’s possible to find some of these items anymore, even if one had the financial means. They also suggest that their stunning collection might be a good fit for a museum.

I have neither the wallet nor the space to even think about something like this, but it sure is fun to peruse the image and videos and imagine wild logistics. There are things in there that I never knew existed!

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