Missy Truscott and India Paulino Discuss About Championship Mentality in ‘FFF’

Becoming an athlete requires a certain level of commitment. Being a championship caliber athlete takes that commitment to a new level. Athletes who want to be the best must maintain themselves at a standard that most do not. This is why they are where they are.

Whitney Jones knows this all too well because she is a three-time Olympic Fitness Champion. On a recent Femme Flex Friday episode, she hosted two other champions – 2020 Fitness Olympia winner Missy Truscott and former Indian Bikini International Champion Paulino. Truscott felt that athletes should accept their goals rather than avoid them. In other words, new pros should compete as soon as possible after gaining the privilege to do so.

“Do the show so you get experience so you know ‘okay, I did this wrong, I have to change this,’” she advises. “You need to know the feeling of being on the pro stage because it’s so different.”

Paulino revealed that he may have taken his mindset to extremes, and that he had to shift his focus before it negatively affected him. He started prioritizing just doing the best he could with what he could and not letting outside factors overwhelm him.

“You worked hard. You worked really hard to get everything 100 percent. The rest is not up to me. I don’t control anything else,” Paulino said. He felt that many new pros made mistakes

overthinking everything. In their minds, they should pay more attention to what they can control and less attention to what they can’t.

“They’re emotionally and mentally draining because they don’t even realize they’re doing this,” she explains. “All they can do is train and try to maintain your normal stuff.:

The three champions in the room share more about their experiences and what drives them to be the best at their sport. Watch the full episode of Femme Flex Friday on www.wingsofstrength.net or subscribe to the Wings of Strength YouTube channel.

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