Google Residence app launches redesigned controls

Approaching “next generation design,” the Google Home app launches a redesign of “controls for popular smart home devices”.

The changes are meant to provide “easier control,” and Google said fans, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, curtains, TVs and other “popular smart home devices” would benefit. The company may refer to the page you get after selecting a device in the Home feed.

It’s unclear if the changes will be purely cosmetic or if there will also be functionality improvements. The camera is strangely not mentioned, nor is the Smart Display or speakers. Meanwhile, it’s unclear if the upgrade is only for Google Home compatible televisions or if Chromecast-connected screens will also benefit.

This redesign of Google Home device controls is rolling out with Google Home version 2.57, which is widely available on iOS but still gliding for Android. However, there’s likely to be a server-side component to availability as we haven’t seen any changes even after updating.

The current designs for the vacuum cleaner and fan are below:

Last visual update for Google Home introduced turn off interactive devices on the main network. You can quickly take specific actions (play/pause, volume, on/off, and brightness) with a single tap or swipe. It “Home Feed” tab also revamped with a concise list to show more “recent and relevant updates.” Tablet optimization should also come.

If this control redesign is already rolling out, it shows that the next-generation UI can focus more on the home screen than anything deeper, although many expect there to be greater app architecture and performance changes in the store.

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