Bodybuilder Hunter Labrada Discusses How Many Units He Does Per Exercise, His Least Favourite Pose, and Extra

There are some bodybuilder open about their process as labrador hunter. Fourth place finisher in 2021 Mr Olympia regularly visits his YouTube channel and Instagram page to answer fan questions, share training tips and offer glimpses of his life as an elite competitor on stage.

During a recent installment of the “Saturday Q&A” series on YouTube, Labrada touched on a variety of topics, including how many sets does he suggest people do per workoutthe best part of her body, and one pose he would never do it on the bodybuilding stage. Watch the following:

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How Many Work Sets Per Workout?

When asked if it’s worth doing four or more sets of work per workout, Labrada shares his golden rule: He never does more than three. When he reaches three sets of work, they are “[Dense] set metabolism, as I aim for more blood flow and doing as much work as possible.”

In the previous video detailing it Olympia preparatory training distributionLabrada explains that his metabolic set includes high-speed circuits push, fly, lateral riseand push-ups to do “a lot of work in a very short time to encourage blood flow and exhaust the muscles.”

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Metabolic work contrasts, says Labrada, by aiming for three or more sets of 10 to 12 reps of vigorous work, during which you may have to lower the load to meet the number of reps. In the end, he suggested you could end tired without sufficient benefits to back it up. However, this is Labrada’s advice, not a hard and fast rule.

Labrada recommends that instead of aiming for more than three working sets, lifter must take a step back, see intensity and technique used in the previous set, and make sure they maximize it.

Food Intake on Holidays

When asked how food supply change during his days of rest in the off-season, Labrada emphasizes that no. Outside don’t take hers intra-workout shakes, others — fats, carbohydrates, protein — stays the same on hers holiday.

Contest preparations are another story. While leaning in before the show, Labrada changed her diet to include fewer carbs on days off.

The Best Body Parts for the 2022 Olympics

Labrada didn’t argue when asked which part of her body would be the best at the 2022 Olympics.

“I’m really excited to show the amount of progress I’ve made on my back since the last Olympia,” Labrada said. “It has always been my weakest body part […] It went from pee poor to mediocre to fine. And this year, I’m trying to get into the ‘good’ category, maybe even ‘great’.”

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In the previous video about her Olympia training split, Labrada mentions that his 2022 preparations are back-heavy pull day which achieves two sets of work for each exercise. Again, he prefers to focus on maximize shape and intensity rather than volume of sets/reps.

One Pose You’ll Never See Him Hitting On Stage

If there’s one pose that Labrada thinks you’ll never see on the bodybuilding stage, it’s the most muscular crab pose. This is a variation of the most muscular pose in which a person’s arms and hands are crossed in front of the body. It’s not that he hates the pose – he actually says he loves it – he just hates the way he looks when he does it. Lucky for Labrada, the most muscular crab is no back pose.

Featured image: @hunterlabrada on Instagram

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