An in-depth checklist of discoveries and notes on Road Fighter 6 gameplay made by Javits Arias after spending hours diving into the sport

This past weekend gave the fighting game community the best view of Street Fighter 6’s potential depth thanks to IFC|YipeS and SM|Sabin get a chance to Upcoming game streaming for about 4 hours with some East Coast crew.

Javits Ariaswho you might know as the lab wizard for Street Fighter 5, was among those who came to play the SF6 demo, and he made a long list of all the discoveries made and the interesting details noted during those extended sessions.

The first few things Arias wrote about aspects of the game like the special whiffed instead of the build meter, no corner crosses and Counter Punish which gives more of a frame advantage over standard counter strokes, which were discussed earlier, but he goes further than that.

Javits put together an entire section dedicated to information about Ryu, answering dozens of questions about the character like making sure the airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku could cross in SF6 and merge into Supers after like Street Fighter 4.

Ryu’s old bread and butter low kick to Hadoken doesn’t appear to be a true blockstring in the demo, but uses a light Hashogeki instead after the kick.

What is perhaps his scariest discovery is that the characters are put in Punishment Counter state after smelling attacks in the air including during the landing frame.

If it stays for the final release, jumps are much more dangerous on offense and distance will be even more important.

Javits also spent some time answering people’s questions about SF6 on Twitter where he confirmed that all reversal versions like Shoryuken are full anti-air unlike SF5.

There’s also an interesting response that canceling Drive Rush from any normal seems to give the same frame advantage, so any Drive Rush combo that works with heavy hits should work off light hits as well.

As mentioned earlier, ECs played a demo version of SF6, and at least some of these mechanics will probably change before the game’s actual release in 2023 (or maybe even in an updated demo).

You can check out the full list of Javits notes on Street Fighter 6 gameplay below, and it’s worth a look original Twitter thread too where he answers more questions that were not covered in the original text.

Street Fighter 6 Javits Arias #1 notes image

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