Take These Accessible CrossFit Periods Designed by Britain’s Strongest Girl

Lucy Campbell is a CrossFit coach and athlete at CrossFit Nottingham, where she balances her intense training routine with leading classes. A national level gymnast until the age of 12, she then focused on swimming, competing internationally to a high level until she entered university. After jumping out of the pool from exhaustion, he went straight into CrossFit, impressively completing 13th in the world in her first Open CrossFit in 2019 in the first practice.

Earlier this year, Lucy had an impressive performance at Wodapalooza, one of the most prestigious off-season competitions. ended up just outside the top 3 and impressively dominated the event by rowing and swimming.

British finish first in the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals, Lucy becomes the first British female individual since the legendary, now retired Samantha Briggs to qualify for the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. reach two events wina rare feat for a rookie, he has not only made waves in the sport for England but at the top level alongside the world’s most elite athletes.

Lucy has programmed a CrossFit-style workout that’s accessible exclusively to MH Squad members. With dumbbells, paddles, and wall balls, you should be able to do it in most gyms. You’ll do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) in three minutes before resting for 60-90 seconds and then continuing again. There are five rounds in total.
Find full workout details below and read through Lucy’s top tips for doing sessions to the best of your ability.


The goal of this section is constant movement at a hard but consistent pace. You have a total of 15 minutes of work but divided into 3 minute segments with a one minute break in between; if you do this at the right intensity, the rest will fly away and just give your heart rate a chance to drop a bit. However, if you go out too hot, you won’t have enough time to recuperate in the rest minutes, and as a result the next round will be interrupted.

Find Your Speed

Two ways you’ll spend time in this exercise are through your rowing splits and quick transitions. You should adjust your pace on the rower in 4-5 strokes and try to maintain the same calories per hour for 5 laps. Smooth transitions are also key to maintaining a good rhythm during intervals. You want to create a mini triangle between the wallball target, dumbbell, and rowing machine so you can go from one move and go straight to the next, wasting a few seconds to allow for maximum spin.

Know Your Strength

If you see this exercise and immediately pick one move as a weakness, adjust your strategy to take that into account. For example, if this is a wallball for you, then adjust your rowing speed so that you can complete the reps without breaking each time.

Get ready

To make sure your body isn’t shocked by the intensity of this exercise, you need to prepare yourself before you start by moving at the pace of the exercise, or even faster. Once you’ve warmed up and are comfortable with the movement, do the following:

3 Laps (1 lap @ slightly slower than training speed, lap 2 @ training speed & lap 3 @ slightly faster than training speed)

Take 5 DB

7 Cal Baris

9 wall balls

Break 1:00-1:30 before starting and GO!


5 Rounds:

AMRAP in 3 minutes (1 minute rest between each round)

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1) Take 10 DB @ 1×15/22.5kg

2) 15 Calorie Row

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3) 20 Wall Balls

Start each round where you completed the last one. Your score is the total number of rounds and reps after all five rounds.

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