‘Nephrite’ is a Stylish New GTK Theme for Linux Desktop

Nephrite GTK Theme by Vinceliuice

One of the most prolific Linux desktop theme makers—not to mention the best, imo—has released a new GTK theme for all of us.

Designer Vince Liuice’s latest creation is called Nefritand it is available for download from Pling and from GitHub this weekend.

Nefrit maintains the high quality this theme maker is famous for, and the theme looks pixel perfect on my high resolution screen, i.e. no blurry corners or pixelated edges some themes inadvertently offer.

Always one for choice, Vince has made Nefrit The theme is available in light, dark, and mixed versions. All of them are paired with a soothing teal accent color by default, making them the ideal complement to Vince’s Colloid theme icon.

Despite the macOS-y presentation in the following screenshots, they offer a good feel for the Nephrite GTK theme and the accompanying GNOME Shell theme:

Not turned on by teal? There are more options, and you can decide which accent color you want to apply, with purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, and gray available. There are also special colors that match the popular ones Dracula and Nord color scheme, if you prefer that.

Like many other Vince themes, there is a bundled installer script. This makes it easy to install the Nephrite GTK theme on Ubuntu (and possibly other distros, though I haven’t tried it). Tip: if you want to install all color variants so you can try them alternately, just run ./install.sh with -t all flag.

Nephrite GTK theme light mode screenshot
Nephrite’s Light

To change the theme in Ubuntu you can use GNOME Tweaks application. To change the GNOME Shell theme (for this also includes the companion shell theme) you must first install GNOME Shell extension ‘User Themes’then use the GNOME Tweaks tool to change the shell theme.

Please note that the bundled installer script automatically links the Nephrite theme to libadwaita, overriding the appearance of the libadwaita app by default. If you don’t want this to happen, you will have to manually install the theme.

If you To do use the install script but later want to ‘cancel’ the theme affecting the libadwaita app, you have to manually delete the ‘Nephrite-Light’ folder in ~/.themes/ (though this, of course, removes the theme too).

Let me know what you like about Nephrite in the comments — plus let me know if you think this theme should deserve a spot on the list. best GTK theme for Ubuntu!

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