Hate stomach workouts? Do this 12-minute low-intensity Pilates exercise to construct your core

The great thing about ab workouts is that they tend to be short, making them a very time-efficient way to work out. But these shorter workouts are also often associated with high-intensity movement. If this is the part that makes you stop working your abs, then this 12-minute Pilates-based core workout is one you should try.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that uses controlled movements, usually performed on one of the best yoga matto develop strength (especially in the core) and improve your balance, mobility and flexibility.

In the Mary Braun (opens in a new tab) exercises you will use core strengthening exercises at a slow, controlled pace and intensity to build a stronger core and to develop a more defined midsection.

Braun, who is a fitness trainer and yoga specialist, demonstrates the routine in full by showing how each exercise should be done to help get the best results. Alignment and form are absolutely key to a Pilates workout so take your time to learn the moves and make sure your core is engaged in every move not only to work hard but to support your entire body as you work out.

Watch Mary Braun’s 12-Minute Pilates Ab and Core Routine

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