Video reveals younger lady strolling with crocodile on a leash in Philadelphia park

No crocodiles!

Pennsylvania park-goers trying to cool off at the fountain were quite surprised when they were joined by a young girl carrying an alligator on a leash.

The wild video from Philadelphia’s LOVE Park shot Friday shows the child, followed by the reptile, lying on his stomach to cool off in a puddle.

The crocodile, named Wally, wears a collar that is also labeled as an emotional support pet.

He seems very friendly to others in the park, and lets strangers pet him.

Wally is a local icon in York, Pennsylvania, which he calls home, Philly Voice reports.

The owner, Joie Henney, is a reptile lover who owns lots of crocodiles. It was not clear who was dropping off Wally on Friday.

“I had real deep depression and he brought me out of it,” Henney once said in an interview about Wally.

“My doctor wanted to give me an anti-depressant and I refused to take it,” the man said. Instead, he chose to spend time with the crocodile.

Henney says Wally is federally registered as an emotional support animal, and claims crocodiles are easier to train than dogs.

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