Video: Masahiro Sakurai Talks About In-Sport Body Price

Masahiro Sakurai launched its own YouTube earlier this week, and he’s already covered a number of interesting topics about game development. In his latest video, he talks about how frame rates work in video games.

He also includes his own thoughts on in-game frame rates – mentioning how 60 fps is “ideal” and 30 fps is “adequate”:

“60 fps is the ideal frame rate whenever possible, but 30 fps is the general standard…And 30fps is still more than enough for gaming.”

Though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild displayed on the screen during his commentary about the 30 fps game, this 3D title is not always consistent and experience a drop in handheld and portable modes during hotter moments.

Zelda: BOTW
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo’s first-party titles on the Switch typically aim for 30 to 60 fps, but other consoles can go as high as 120 fps, and platforms like PC games hit 144 fps and higher – provided they have a supported monitor.

What do you think about frame rates in video games? Do you want Nintendo to someday release a system that can match Xbox and PlayStation hardware in terms of fps? Leave your thoughts below.

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