Instructions To Improve Your ‘Future 2’ Pirate Crew In Looting Season

It’s time again, we need to upgrade there row of boxes full of upgrades for the new Destiny 2 season using timed currency. Exciting!

As much as I hope they’ll spin this concept around a bit in the coming seasons so it’s not the same every time, this one’s a little different because we hired a pirate crew in Looting Seasonwhich is fun, even though I operate under the idea that people possible want to focus on getting all the weapons from this season that can be crafted through the depth vision frame, which this upgrade will help with.

With that goal in mind, this is the order I’ll be upgrading your pirate crew with what appears to be maybe two upgrades available per week. If I miss a node, I don’t consider it a high priority. Also, you have to do all of these to get the Scallywag seasonal title.

1. Hire Halsiks the Sniper – I think he’s the best because the increased precision damage will make burning through enemies in the area you can summon pretty fast.

2. Floating Debris – This increases the chances of loot loot at the end of Ketchcrash. He all loot, including armor, but you can get a Deepsight weapon if you’re lucky.

3. Rent Skiffblades – I think hiring a second crew member might be the right move as you need one more thing before you can move on to the next more valuable line.

4. Weapon Treasure Map – Now that we’re talking, you can get a guaranteed weapon drop at the end of the expedition now.

5. Focused Weapon Treasure – This is where we can start to focus on weapons through Umbral, although I recommend waiting to go crazy until you get some Umbral energy boosts later.

6. Halsik’s First Friend – Upgrade snipers to give you grenade refills too.

7. Magnet Drill – Now a better chance to get Loot loot from Expeditions too

8. Hidden Compartment – It provides guaranteed deepsight weapons once a week from Ketchcrash

9. Rent SCUR-V – Heading backwards to recruit the last crew member

10. Proper Cartography – Get more Umbral energy from the treasure map

11. Dual Umbral Energy Map – Then get double The umbrella energy of the expedition. Now is the time for you to really focus.

12. Loot Fortune – This gives you the Umbral energy of playlist activity on occasions that you know you’ll keep running.

13. The Rumored Treasure Map – Okay I actually don’t know what this is but if it’s in the last line it’s definitely good.

So, that’s the sequence I’m in for uh, the first seven weeks here, I guess, except they give us more Reputation to spend than two weeks. Unlike last season, there is no currency at the top of the vendor rankings, at least in the first prize set here.

I could change this if I learned something else that’s really valuable, but that’s what I’m going to do right now. Enjoy.

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