Teen suspect arrested in NYPD police brutal theft

A teenager was arrested on Friday in connection with brutal robbery from off-duty NYPD cops in the Bronx earlier this week, police said.

Oshawn Logan, 18, is charged with gang assault and burglary over Tuesday’s attack on Officer Muhammed Chowdhury, who three men jumped on while he was jogging near his Castle Hill home, police and sources said.

Logan denied wrongdoing as he was escorted by police from the 43rd Police Station on his way to the Bronx Criminal Court.

Oshawn Logan, 18, was charged with gang assault and robbery.
Oshawn Logan, 18, was charged with gang assault and robbery.
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“I didn’t do anything, stop talking to me,” he said twice.

Two other attackers are still wanted for violent crimes which police say are part of a larger pattern of 19 city-wide robberies since Aug. 1.

Chowdhury, 48, married father of three, suffered a skull fracture and bleeding in the brain in the robbery the suspect carried out with his cell phone, keys and wallet, according to family members and police.

Chowdhury officers are depicted visiting the desert.
Chowdhury was found lying on the pavement and bleeding from his left ear after being hit in the head while running from his home in the Bronx on Monday morning.
Officer Muhammad Chowdhury's photo.
Police are looking for two other suspects in the Muhammad Chowdhury robbery.

He was found lying on the pavement bleeding from his left ear after being hit in the head and hospitalized in critical condition.

By Wednesday, Chowdhury, an 18-year-old veteran of the assigned department at Central Park headquarters, was awake and no longer intubated, but still unable to speak.

Chowdhury’s wife of 12 years, Nadira Sherin, has pleaded with top police officers and city leaders to immediately arrest her husband’s attackers and not let them out on bail.

“You can’t let these people out on the same day they were arrested,” Sherin told The Post Wednesday, referring to New York’s lenient bail reform law.

“Law them,” he added. “If they release them on the same day, it’s not justice for my husband.”

Sherin said he delivered a similar message to Mayor Eric Adams and Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark when they visited Chowdhury in hospital Tuesday night – telling them to “take [this case] seriously.”

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