‘Harmful’ Large Slide reopens however nonetheless bruised: ‘It hurts’

DETROIT — Detroit’s giant waterslide reopened on Friday for people wanting to see if its modified surface is a little more tame, days after the video went viral. riders bounce around on a bumpy road.

The Department of Natural Resources scrubbed the surface at Belle Isle state park, spraying water and advising motorists to lean forward with their burlap sacks. Indeed, some people find the slide more comfortable than before.

WDIV-TV reporter Nick Monacelli tell viewers in direct reports that the slide is slower.

“It helps,” he said of adding water. “I still don’t get it, friction, but it helps.”

High-flying rider video the past weekend has bounced around on social media and was even mentioned on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” It also inspired Detroit rapper Gerald Allen, who appeared as Gmac Cash, to write a song.

“It’s like jumping off the roof,” he sings. “Geez, you could lose your teeth.”

“It’s like jumping off the roof,” sings Detroit rapper Gerald Allen, who appears as Gmac Cash. “Geez, you could lose your teeth.”

Cash shows up on Fridays to try the slides. He said his eyes were closed.

“I won’t get it back. … It was bumpy. It hurts,” Cash told WDET-FM.

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