WhatsApp group chats will quickly not appear like discussion board discussions

Even forums show contributor profile pictures

In recent months, WhatsApp has done a lot of work to catch up with rival messaging services, especially when it comes to group chats. The most popular messaging service Meta has poll feature, moderation optionsand past member list for group chats in channels. This week, Community also started rolling out to beta testers. Now we learn about another upcoming upgrade in the same vein: profile pictures for group chats.


Platforms like Telegram, Skype, and Slack already display everyone’s profile picture next to their messages — obviously, it’s time for WhatsApp to catch up. Based on the evidence in the new release, WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp group chats may include participant profile pictures alongside their messages with future updates. This feature will help identify the sender at a glance, and a profile picture can also serve as a simple visual identifier in larger groups where you don’t know all participants by first name.

Visually, the design is reminiscent of the profile picture shown on Messenger chat. Note that profile pictures will only be visible for incoming messages, and you won’t see your own when contributing to a conversation. We haven’t seen any information about the changes leading up to one-on-one chats.

Once it’s rolled out in usable form in beta, we were hoping to take a closer look at how this would all work, but it doesn’t appear that WhatsApp will offer any way to disable this display. Hopefully you don’t have a lot of contacts who seem happy to change their display picture on a daily basis (we all know at least one person like that, right?) If you’re in the habit of checking the sender’s name, perhaps including a profile picture will just make the chat more lively — win- win for everyone.

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