New patent may reveal how Apple may do the iPhone 14 Professional

Apple is rumored to be ditching the notch in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in favor of a pill-shaped cutout and a place for the selfie camera, and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published a patent application that appears to show how the company could do just that. based on Patently Apple (through 9to5Mac).

The patent application covers several possible variants of a device that incorporates a camera, an infrared light emitter, and a “light folding element” that can direct infrared light. This app explains how a projector that folds down lightly can be used to reduce the footprint of these components, leaving more display area on the phone.

The notch currently accommodates a many technology, including selfie cameras, infrared cameras, depth sensors, and point projectors, and Apple has shrunk the notch by 20 percent with last year’s iPhone 13 lineup. But with this patent, Apple says that it can manage some of the technology in a way that allows it to reduce the size of the notch.

Here’s an excerpt of the description surrounding the patent claim in case you’re curious (and we’ve included an application at the end of this article if you want to flip through it):

For example, because light-folding elements can change the direction of IR light transmission, IR light emitters may not be limited to a specific installation location. Instead, the IR light emitter can be placed in a location with less space constraint, and use a light-folding element to project the IR light in a specific direction. This can reduce the overall size of the imaging and sensing components, thereby reducing the size of the notch to hold the imaging and sensing components and increasing the display area of ​​the device.

That said, the USPTO publishing this app is not a guarantee that the technology will appear on Apple devices. But there are other indications that point to a significantly redesigned notch area for the next iPhone Pro.

Perhaps the best evidence is Mark Gurman’s Apple prompter have reported that Apple will move to a pill-shaped cutout selfie camera and a punch-hole. And Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports on a No-notch Pro iPhone 14 just days before the iPhone 13 hit store shelves. But some of the Twitter accounts known for leaking phone information in the past recently shared some interesting new images that might show what the new notch area looks like on a real phone, as reported by MacRumor.

Twitter user “DuanRui,” who posted an image on Twitter of iPhone 12 Mini name before Apple announced it publicly, tweeted photo from what look like pill cutouts and punch holes for the selfie camera on the iPhone 14 Pro. Take this with a grain of salt—DuanRui says in his profile that most of his content is reposted from Chinese social media, so it’s unclear where it’s coming from—but at least, the images give an idea of ​​what the rumored new design could look like.

And Ice Universe posted a picture from what they describe as a “dummy iPhone 14 Pro.” Note that the pill in this photo seems to have a slightly different design from the image DuanRui shared, as there are two clear holes in the center of the pill.

Luckily, we probably won’t have to wait too long to see if Apple really turns a notch and, if so, what the outcome will be. The company is holding the next product event on the 7th septemberwhere it is widely expected to announce the whole range of iPhone 14.

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