F1 Supervisor 2022 out there for pre-purchase and play now

what? 2022 F1 Manager like to play?

Samarth Kanal, F1.com Staff Writer: It wasn’t just the granular attention to detail that surprised me 2022 F1 Managerbut the fact that this game offers great replayability.

Pick a squad like Williams and you’ll face serious challenges when it comes to scoring points and developing your car around a big dilemma: how do you make the most of your limited budget – and when you should turn your attention to next year’s engines.

Start a new game as a Ferrari head honcho and you’ll see that the challenges are completely different. It’s not about managing your technician’s budget and time, but making sure you can leverage the available resources to beat your competition.

On any team, seeing your upgrades work and your cleverly calculated strategy pay off is incredibly rewarding.

2022 F1 Manager is a very interesting title that covers the best parts of management and tycoon games. This is a fully realized Formula 1 playground of impressive depth and coverage.

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