Sakurai YouTube Channel Surpassed 200k Subscribers In Much less Than 24 Hours

Masahiro Sakurai on Making Games
Picture: via YouTube

We’ve always known Masahiro Sakurai has a loyal fanbase, and this has been proven once again with Super Smash Bros Ultimate the director gained more than 200,000 YouTube subscribers (on English Channel) in less than 24 hours after launching his account.

Yes, after yesterday’s official announcement – Sakurai has surpassed 200K subs! It seemed that it had even surprised him so far. Here’s what he said in a rough translation, courtesy of Google:

“Thanks for the great feedback! Double-digit subscriber count is higher than expected…”

He also seems to want to “remove” any ads, as he doesn’t want to monetize the channel:

“To get rid of the ads it’s not enough to just turn off the monetization settings, maybe you need to go into the Youtube partner program and turn off the ads…? I don’t think I can set it yet, so I’ll try that later.”

Sakurai Japanese YouTube Channel has also gained more than 185k subscribers.

So far, Sakurai has uploaded a total of three videos. The first is the video “” – explaining how his goal is to try and make gaming around the world more enjoyable by sharing the knowledge he has gained from the video game industry. At the time of writing, it has already got over 200,000 views and 40k Likes.

He’ll also be giving some “behind the scenes” glimpses into various aspects of development, including snippets of Smash-related design documents and dev builds (and don’t worry, he’s apparently got Nintendo’s approval for this).

While Sakurai’s number of YouTube subscribers is impressive, it shouldn’t be too surprising given how popular she is in the video game community and considering that she’s already earned over 980,000 followers on social media platform Twitter.

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