How do I do know if my good friend is exercising an excessive amount of?

DEAR HARRIET: A new friend of mine who is a fitness enthusiast recently told me that when she was much younger, she had bulimia. He described the whole scenario of how he got caught up in this behavior when he was in college and how, eventually, he got through it.

He looks healthy today, but I can tell he’s been exercising too much. He used to run, until his knees went weak. Now he cycles almost 30 miles a day.

I was impressed by her fitness routine, but her recent revelations made me wonder if the extreme nature of her workouts wasn’t healthy either.

I hardly exercise, so I don’t know how to measure whether he is really healthy or not.

How can I support her, especially since she shared this story with me? I’ve read that the need to keep moving can be a sign of an eating disorder.

Help My Friend

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